Black VS Red (in my mind)

When the black (feel lonely as BL) and red (courageous as RC) were talk together!!

RC: Heiiiiii you, what are u doing there?
BL: Nothing, I just..... looking forward, hmm... day dream, waiting.. hmm, something like that :(
RC: What???!! you said waiting??? ooohh so poor you are!! waiting for??
BL: Don't know, actually I don't know what's that... just imagine if mood come then I'll continue all things that I have canceled for several times.

RC: Stop!! Stop to do that!! It just banish your time!! You know, if you still there and do that you will lost your opportunity and you'll be backward. Just think about that!!
BL: Oohh....(still in un-outlook)
RC: Yes, you will!! Just think about it, if you don't want to lose anything!! Just it!!
BL: Uuhh.. I'll try!!
RC: Yes, of course. You have to try it!! I beliefe you can do it!!
BL: But, I'm so scare... that in the middle I'll do mistakes.... I won't it!! :(
RC: NO!! Never think like that, don't be a foolish. Be positive think!! And trust yourself that you can do the best in your life!!
BL: Yaaaahh, I will... hope so!!
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  • Diah Alsa
    Diah Alsa 7:13 PM

    diah... ini jadi bagian dialog novel hatimu ya...
    isma | Homepage | 08.08.08 - 3:15 pm | #

    waduh, pake basa linggis....ga mudheng....:D
    za | Homepage | 08.08.08 - 6:53 pm | #

    Oops.. It's look like BL represented me already. Tell me maam, how can we be a RC? Hehe..
    alite | Homepage | 08.10.08 - 4:56 pm | #

    heheheh Diah keren lhooo.....fotonyaaa....serasa model dari mana gitu an dari kendari iya kaann hihi
    widi | Homepage | 08.10.08 - 10:48 pm | #

    Weleh2 ada tanya jawab disini ya... he he..
    Eucalyptus | Homepage | 08.11.08 - 11:03 pm | #

    aduh ada neng yg sedang ngelamun tuh...mikirin apa neng gelis??? hehe
    ameyasa | Homepage | 08.12.08 - 2:52 pm | #

    Spt iklan Nike, Just do it.... Klo dipikirin mulu ga dikerjain2 ga bakalan kelar dong say.
    Nia | Homepage | 08.12.08 - 3:46 pm | #

    hmm,sebegitu 'byk kuatir'nya kah black?
    tapi,kalo red memang impulsif sih :D
    pritha | Homepage | 08.15.08 - 11:01 pm | #

    gada terjemahannya yah..? uhmmm..

    btw dikau skrg udah ga pk bismillah lagikah..?
    novee | Homepage …

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