Prolog of My Journey

Pelayaran Kebangsaan VII, 11 - 21 Juni 2007

Jakarta - Kupang - Atambua - Surabaya

This was my special event. One of unforgottable moments in my life. 10 days on KRI Makassar 590, met with other 154 students from different universities in Indonesia. Tried to do the best for Indonesia, tried to give the contribution for our lovely country.. from different regions, tribes, and also religions. Here we were.... came and joined this program to make the same perception about the issue that we have wrote in our paper. Discussing, is our daily activity... there's no day left without discussing, sport.. to keep our healthy, ice breaker.. to refresh us from the tight of discussing. Role playing, Outbond, and other activities that we have done together on KRI Makassar 590. Happy, sad, fear we always together.. support each other.

Miss U Friends, Miss U Committee, Miss U TNI AL, MIss U all.....
KRI Makassar 590 U are the witness of our journey...
Jalesveva Jaya Mahe..... "Justru di Laut Kita Jaya"

^___^.....Hope we'll meet again in different place and time.....^___^

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  • Diah Alsa
    Diah Alsa 10:51 AM

    wah, kayaknya seru banget naik kapal gede gitu. berhari-hari di tengah laut. pasti sangat menyenangkan.

    aku juga pernah tuh naik kapal, tapi cuman 2 hari. itu pun bukan kapal milik TNI AL. pengen deh naik kapal lagi
    w@hyu | Homepage | 07.08.07 - 12:57 am | #


    layoutnya keren kakakkuw...
    siph deh..ngeblue bgt.. ^^

    serasi sama postingan kali ini ya kak..hehe..

    wah..asiknya..ai malah belum pernah sama sekali naik kapal laut..huhuhu..

    padahal pengen bgt kak...
    Ai | Homepage | 07.08.07 - 4:47 am | #

    hmmm...Lam knal ya kak...

    jadi pengen nih jalan2 naik tuh kapal...xixixi:D
    nadhin | Homepage | 07.08.07 - 1:56 pm | #

    eh mbak, asik banget tuh naik kapal. mau dong ikutaann. kpn2 ajakin lia yaa mbak :]
    -Liiaa (: | Homepage | 07.08.07 - 9:46 pm | #

    wah... akhirnya foto-foto yang ditunggu diah datang juga ya. tapi.... apa gak mabok ya naik kapal segede itu? blom pernah ngerasain naik kapal soale... jadi pengen tahu apa rasanya yak!
    triplet's mom | Homepage | 07.09.07 - 4:06 am | #

    Serunya naik …

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